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SOMTech will be phasing out the use of Dell Data Protection in 2021. With that being said it is recommended that you start making preparations for this change while we look to move to a new form of data protection. One Drive is a cloud based file storage alternative to encrypted physical drives however if you do need to use a physical drive for data storage and we have you on record of having a encrypted drive in your possession then you can expect communication from us soon on how to proceed.

Bitlocker External Drive Encryption

Bitlocker External Drive Encryption will be the new standard for encrypting external storage devices. Any external storage drives that you will need to transfer data to from a SOM Windows computer will be required to be encrypted. You can read more info on this process at the link here. If you have further questions or you have a external drive that will need to remain unencrypted feel free to submit a ticket for assistance.

Be advised that Bitlocker Encryption is not Mac compatible so there will be no way of using these encrypted drives on a Mac device at this time. If you plan on working on Windows & Mac devices it is recommended you use your Home Drive, VCUHS One Drive, or VCU Google Drive accounts to transfer data.

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