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For Windows 10 PCs, please follow these steps to establish a connection:

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Click Computer/This PC.
  3. Click the Map network drive button in Begin typing This PC and wait for the results
    (NOTE: If manually mapping on a VCU Health computer - it may rename This PC to match your VCU Health username, look for the icon on your desktop instead)
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  4. Within This PC, select the File tab and then choose Map network drive from the toolbar. This will open the Map Network Drive window.
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  5. Select an unused drive letter from the Drive: dropdown.

    Enter the following folder in the Folder field:

    Check the box to Connect using different credentials.

    Click the Finish button.
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  6. When prompted for your login credentials, enter your eID and eID password.
    (if you're on a VCU Health computer, then you will likely need to enter your eID as such: RAMS\<eIDHere>
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  7. After submitting your credentials, a drive which contains both department share folders and your home folder will be mapped.
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For Macs, please follow these steps to establish a connection:


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