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  • Type of license: Adobe Acrobat ($60/yr) or Adobe Creative Suite ($190/yr). (Prices may change based on the licensing contract. Be sure to check the price within the request form.)
  • Business justification for Adobe Creative Suite license.
  • User that will be using the software and their VCU eID. You cannot request the license using their account.
  • SOM department/division
  • Budget code or index code (charges will not be processed until later in the fiscal year)

After the form is processed, the person receiving the license will receive an email. This account's username will be the user's email address and the password will be the VCU eID password (through CAS). At this point, they can either log into the Adobe website themselves and install the Adobe software or submit a ticket to SOMTech at to get a technician to help install the software.

User Independent Licenses

The process above describes a license assigned to a specific user that can be installed on multiple computers that that users user uses. If the Adobe software needs to be accessible to multiple people on a single PC, then a Shared Devices License is required. Please submit a ticket to SOMTech to help request this.


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