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As a general rule, all VCU/SOM computers and IT equipment purchased for School of Medicine administrative, academic, research, and clinical activities are considered inventoried University assets and state-owned property (unless purchased by the Hospital) regardless of the funding source (e.g., E&G, University Auxiliary, Grant funds, etc.).  

Any outgoing faculty who separate from VCU must return all computing equipment to SOMTech upon the end of their employment unless the Department chair and/or external funding agency (for active awards) has authorized a legitimate equipment transfer.

These devices remain part of SOMTech’s computer inventory, with SOMTech as the custodians, and are thus governed by all applicable VCU policies per the VCU Controller's Office. They are Institutional property.

While some equipment can be transferred to other institutions, there are no allowable circumstances to "gift" computers and IT equipment (state property) for personal use upon Employee Separation. "Gifting" equipment for personal use is not considered the same thing as a Chair-authorized, legitimate equipment transfer to another Institution. Once employment with VCU has ended, the ex-employee is not authorized to take or "borrow" Institutional property with them for personal use. 

VCU Technology Services (TS) has an Employee Separation page here which states the following:

University Assets (Desktop, Laptop, and Mobile Devices)
The employee's department must collect and follow university procedures related to items issued to the employee that was purchased with university funds, including but not limited to computer and computer software, computer-related equipment, and communication devices.

VCU HR has an Employee Separation checklist here which also states the following:

Collect institutional property (e.g., keys, computer, cell phone, beeper, uniforms, etc.) and promptly return the employee's identification card to the VCUCard Office and parking decal, as applicable, to the Parking Office.

Please refer any policy questions to SOMTech Leadership or VCU Technology Services.

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