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The School of Medicine has developed a policy to clarify the role of SOMTech with regard to the standardization, purchase and approval authority for IT hardware, software, equipment and infrastructure, including audiovisual (AV) presentation equipment. 


This document provides all faculty, staff and other interested parties with guidelines and procedures for the responsible management of desktop and laptop computers used within the School of Medicine. This includes the purchase, inventory, lifecycle and disposal of all desktop and laptop computers purchased with E&G, grant or other funding sources, but does not include VCU Health computers. While this is not a fully comprehensive document covering all issues of computing equipment, it is intended to establish guidelines and procedures for the responsible management of these devices.


This policy relates to all School of Medicine computer purchases to ensure an accurate inventory, refresh and disposal of all School of Medicine computers.  

Grant-funded equipment poses a unique set of challenges as grants are generally obtained for specific research projects of limited duration and generally not able to be upgraded on a regular refresh cycle. However, the devices remain part of SOMTech’s computer inventory and are thus governed by all applicable VCU policies. When grants end, the computers and equipment generally become university owned assetsEach grant’s equipment will be dealt with as a unique case, collaboratively between SOMTech, and the grants/contract accountant. 

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