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Matt Pinsker, J.D., L.L.M. [View Image]

Matt Pinsker

Adjunct professor

Email: mcpinsker@vcu.edu


  • Constitutional law 
  • National security 
  • Criminal justice


B.A., Government, College of William and Mary

J.D., West Virginia University

L.L.M., National Security and U.S. Foreign Relations, The George Washington University Law School


Graduate and undergraduate classes about constitutional law, criminal procedure, electronic surveillance, foreign surveillance and intelligence gathering, classified information and state secrets, the war powers of the President and Congress, civil rights, equal protection, free speech, search and seizure, international human rights law, federalism and state rights, the law of armed conflict, and military justice.


Research Interests

Constitutional law as it applies in criminal procedure and national security; civil rights issues including speech, surveillance, and equal protection; and the war powers of the President and Congress.



Matt C. Pinsker is a constitutional law scholar and award-winning criminal defense attorney. He previously served as both a state and federal prosecutor and was a magistrate, and currently serves in the US Army Reserves, Judge Advocate General’s Corps. He wrote a textbook published by the prestigious Carolina Academic Press and has also authored multiple articles on cutting-edge issues. A leading expert in his field, Matt Pinsker is frequently sought by national media for expert commentary on current events.


Selected Publications

Homeland and National Security Law and Policy: Cases and Materials, Textbook, Carolina Academic Press, 2017.

Google Glass, Cybersecurity, and the Erosion of Privacy through Emerging Technology, Criminal Law Bulletin, no. 5 volume 50, 2014.

Ending the Military’s Courts of Criminal Appeals De Novo Review of Findings of Fact, Suffolk University Law Review, no. 1 volume 47, 2014.

Issues in Domestic and International Law if the US President Unilaterally Orders an Air Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Facilities, W. Va Nat’l Security L. Rev., no. 1 vol. 1, 2012.


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