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Nicole Normile

August 12, 2019SWS student Nicole Normille [View Image]

Rising senior Nicole Normile has experienced immersion in French language and culture not only during her study abroad in Paris but also last spring when she interned with the French Film Festival. Until her first French class at VCU served as a “catalyst,” Normile never thought she would get a degree in a foreign language. She is now a French major with a minor in Spanish who aspires to pursue a global career. 

Normile grew up in Alexandria and studied abroad in 2015 after being inspired by a bilingual friend from her hometown. Her first immersion experience, Normile returned to VCU fully fluent in French the following year. 

Normile’s internship with the 2019 French Film Festival proved to be another immersive and meaningful experience. “The hardest [she’s] ever worked,” the internship developed significant skills and relationships for Normile. In addition to honing her linguistic fluency, the internship fostered Normile’s public speaking abilities in both English and French. Throughout the process, she connected with other French majors as well as the festival’s international talent. 

Normile’s ultimate goal is to “know as many languages as possible.” She is making it real by not only minoring in Spansh but studying abroad again in Costa Rica this Fall. After graduating, she hopes to obtain a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification and teach abroad, particularly in Francophone Africa. 

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