CMSC 330.C91 Data Science Skills--Fall 2021 (CRN 40554)

Course code:21F-CMSC330
Dates:August 24 - December 13, 2021 Alternate Course Dates
Credit Hours:3.00
Instructor:Abigail Byram


Prerequisite: CMSC 210. Introduction to data science skills. The course introduces students to the foundations of data science and the tools used to collect, analyze and represent data. Students will apply these principles in both analysis and visualization projects. This course is not applicable for credit toward any College of Engineering degrees.


CRN 40554
In partnership with the Department of Computer Science in the College of Engineering, this course is open to current VCU students who are non-tech majors, as well as VCU and VCU Health employees and community members. Please visit the Fundamentals of Computing website for program information
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