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VCU Massey Cancer Center


Logo colors

Massey logo colors [View Image]

Logo colors are considered integral elements of the identity mark design and should not be altered. The Massey logo colors are as follows:

  • VCU gold, which is PMS 130C for coated paper. For uncoated paper, it is PMS 109U. The four-color process for the gold is Cyan=0, Magenta=30, Yellow=100, Black=0.
  • VCU gray, which is PMS Cool Gray 8C for coated paper. For uncoated paper, it is PMS Cool Gray 8U. The four-color process for the gray is Cyan=0, Magenta=0, Yellow=0, Black=80.
  • Black‌

If you are having materials professionally printed for brochures or other uses, please share the above PMS colors with your vendor so consistency can be maintained.

If the color must be altered for one- or two-color print pieces, or for thematic purposes for an event or website, the logo must be changed to one color. An “all black” or “all white” or “all gold” version of the logo is acceptable in these cases.

Please consult with Massey's Office of Communications and Public Relations to determine the most appropriate representation of the logo in order to protect the Massey brand.

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