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Top Facebook Posts of 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, we look back on our most popular Facebook posts from throughout the year. All of these stories are the result of Massey’s mission—to save and improve the lives of people affected by cancer. Please join us in this mission and follow us on Facebook to keep up with our activities in the new year. 

10. Follow Carole Johnson

Follow Carole Johnson, a local woman who was recently diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at age 77, as she undergoes treatment at Massey, through this first installment of a series by Richmond Times-Dispatch. "The only thing I'm a little worried about is the chemotherapy, but I think I can handle that pretty good, too, because I'm very strong and tough," says Carole. We're so honored to provide Carole's care, and we thank her for so bravely sharing her experience. cc: VCU Health; Virginia Commonwealth University

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9. HIPEC for patients with advanced abdominal cancers

Massey now offers HIPEC for patients with advanced abdominal cancers. HIPEC is a complex procedure that uses a heated chemotherapy solution circulated throughout the abdominal cavity to kill any remaining cancer cells after surgery. Learn more about HIPEC with Amy Lacey, WRIC Anchor/ABC 8News - WRIC below.

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8. National Oncology Nursing Month

Massey celebrates National Oncology Nursing Month by honoring our Acute Care Oncology nursing team. #nationalnursesweek

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7. Hormone Therapy as an Alternative to Chemotherapy

Preliminary findings from a pilot study led by Harry Bear, M.D., Ph.D., the director of Breast Health at Massey, suggest that it may be possible to use genetic testing to identify more breast cancer patients who would benefit from hormone therapy as an alternative to chemotherapy. Increased use of hormone therapy could spare patients from the treatment side effects of chemo and allow for more breast-conserving surgeries.

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6. Donna Sarver's Patient Testimonial

“My children were 14 and 18 years old when I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer nearly six years ago. I've been able to see my youngest graduate from high school and begin working on her bachelors at VCU. I've also been able to watch my son grow into a man while becoming an auto mechanic and then a part owner in the business. Things I feared I would never get to see--I have been blessed to witness.

“I believe people are terrified of the "C" word and it doesn't have to be that way anymore. I've used multiple types of chemotherapy and targeted treatments. My cancer has been in remission and returned to new parts of my body, but I keep the faith and move on to the next suggested treatment. God has blessed so many doctors and researchers at Massey with amazing talent and new treatments are always being found.”

Donna Sarver shared these hopeful words with us recently after one of her appointments with Dr. Sherman Baker. Her positive attitude inspires us all in our efforts to defeat lung cancer. Read Donna's original story from 2012:

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5. CivaSheet to treat pancreatic cancer

A team of Massey doctors including radiation oncologist Emma Fields, medical physicist Dorin Todor and surgical oncologist Brian Kaplan recently became the first in the world to use a new implantable, bio-absorbable radiation therapy device known as CivaSheet to treat pancreatic cancer. The device is implanted at the same time doctors remove the tumor, and it provides localized radiation therapy while shielding neighboring organs before being absorbed into the body. Learn more about this exciting new treatment from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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4. A Future Without Cancer Video Debut

We are working toward a future without cancer. Watch to see how.

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3. Amy Boles Patient Testimonial

At first, Amy Boles didn't think much of a small lump on her ribcage. When she finally went to the doctor, she found out she had stage 4 melanoma and 11 masses on her liver. Thanks to Dr. Andrew Poklepovic, her hematologist-oncologist at Massey, and cutting-edge immunotherapy treatment, Amy has been cancer-free since April and is returning to her former life. Read her full story below. cc: Team Massey; Massey Alliance

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2. Richmond magazine "Top Docs" 

Congrats to our "Top Docs" recognized by Richmond magazine! Read more about our physicians and their areas of expertise:

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1. Introducing Renny

We're excited to formally introduce you to a special member of our palliative care team—two-year-old, fluffy, friendly facility dog Renny! Palliative care provides comfort to the chronically ill, and Renny helps by reducing stress and anxiety among our patients through her calm and supportive presence. Staff also love having her around, as you can see in this video featuring Renny’s supervisor and caretaker, nurse manager Jessica Gray. Click the link to learn more about Renny on our blog: Canine Companions for Independence; The Center for Human-Animal Interaction; VCU Health

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Written by: Melissa Mitchell

Posted on: December 26, 2017

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