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VCU Massey Cancer Center


Community partner program interest form


*Please note, Massey Cancer Center offers an online website as a tool to our community partners. Individuals and/or teams can set up
customized fundraising pages with links to share online with supporters. For more information, contact our office or visit The
online fundraising pages should not be used to collect registration fees for any event in which the attendees receives food, drink,
entertainment, or other goods and services.


Special Notes:

  • VCU Massey Cancer Center is not able to hold a coordination role in event planning activities and its officers cannot assist in soliciting prizes, donations, auction items, organizing publicity or providing goods/services.
  • If the event description is unclear or other information received indicating goods and services were provided to donors, VCU Massey Cancer will only record event proceeds and is not able to issue any tax receipts.
  • It is our recommendation that the cost of fundraising for your event should not exceed 20% of the total funds raised, per industry best practices.
  • VCU Massey Cancer Center may not be associated with a tobacco-related company or product or any other vendor that is not an appropriate representation of Massey's brand standards.
  • One lump sum check is requested at the conclusion of your event and all funds raised should be received by Massey Cancer Center within 60 days of the events conclusion. We are unable to receive lump sum payment from third-party sites accompanied by a donation form provided to you upon request. If using an online website for fundraising, we recommend utilizing Massey's own online fundraising website,
  • Please make donations payable to VCU Massey Cancer Center. Thank you for choosing VCU Massey Cancer Center as your beneficiary of choice.


Agreement of Responsibility: I/we understand that VCU Massey Cancer Center and its related companies (collective "Massey") have no liability of any kind for any activity or action resulting from the efforts of our organization on behalf of Massey. I/we agree to allow Massey to approve all written material and promotional items using the Massey name or logo, prior to distribution, and agree to limit the time of the use of Massey's name and logo to the agreed upon event date (s). Where applicable, only one check reimbursements will be made by Massey for personal or event-related expenses. I/we acknowledge that if our organization does not have tax-exempt status, only the lump sum check will be eligible for a tax deduction/receipt.


By checking this box, you acknowledge that you agree.
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