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VCU Massey Cancer Center


Cancer puts life in perspective

Cancer puts life in perspective. Daily inconveniences become insignificant in comparison to the things that truly matter. For Alexis Quance, it's having the chance to experience life as a normal teenager. For David Headley, it's strengthening the bond with his family. For Mercedes Velasquez, it's continuing to be the same mom to her children. 

Melanie Binshtok

Melanie Binshtok [View Image]

"Having been a nurse practitioner in Richmond since 2010, I know we hear the negative from patients. I wanted to make sure you heard the extreme positive and appreciative feedback that is well deserved of this team."

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Lisa Marshall

For several years, Marshall focused on her work commitments and serving on the Henrico County School Board. By age 57, a busy schedule occupied most of her time, and mammograms were not a main concern despite national guidelines that recommend them annually for women at that age.  

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Kay Congdon

As a human resources consultant, Massey patient Kay Congdon devotes her career to evaluating client engagement and system processes within companies. After a diagnosis of recurrent breast cancer, she began treatment at Massey and was immediately impressed by the level of communication and support that she encountered. In this powerful testimonial, Kay shares her story and expresses gratitude for the collaborative and compassionate care she received from Massey team members.

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