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VCU Massey Cancer Center


Cancer puts life in perspective

Cancer puts life in perspective. Daily inconveniences become insignificant in comparison to the things that truly matter. For Alexis Quance, it's having the chance to experience life as a normal teenager. For David Headley, it's strengthening the bond with his family. For Mercedes Velasquez, it's continuing to be the same mom to her children. 

Margie Brauer

"Coming to Massey is a joy. I have been treated with respect and compassion from day one, and my doctors and nurses have become an extended family, celebrating my return to health every step of the way."

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Reed Whitener

Patients coping with cancer. [View Image]

"I don’t have words to express the gratitude I have for the determination the doctors and nurses brought to my care. Dr. Amir Toor would call in on his days off to check on me. Dr. Harold Chung came to see me three times a day during my hospital stays — and always made sure my wife, Ellen, was doing OK, too. The nurses who cared for me are the embodiment of compassionate care. When I learned that Massey’s Bone Marrow Transplantation Program was one of the best in the nation, I was not surprised. I knew from the start that I was in the best of hands."

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