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Blood cancer treatment at Massey

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    VCU Massey Cancer Center is ready to help if you or your loved one has been diagnosed with a cancer or disorder of the blood or bone marrow, such as leukemia, lymphoma or multiple myeloma. Rated the top cancer treatment provider in the state (U.S. News & World Report 2012, 2013 and 2014), Massey features an award-winning medical team dedicated to providing the most precise diagnosis, the highest-quality treatment, including innovative clinical trials, a full range of support services and compassionate patient care.

    Today, more than half of all patients diagnosed with cancer can be cured, and many others will live long, full lives even with their disease. But getting an accurate diagnosis and the most effective treatment from the very beginning is essential.

    VCU Massey Cancer Center offers a level of cancer expertise and experience only found at the top four percent of cancer centers across the country recognized as a National Cancer Institute-designated Cancer Center. Massey is the only center in the Richmond area and one of only two in Virginia designated by the NCI to lead and shape America’s cancer research efforts.

    Massey partners with Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU to provide top-quality pediatric cancer care.

    Leaders in blood cancer

    Choose VCU Massey Cancer Center for your cancer treatment because our care is:

    • Cutting-edge
      Our doctors have unparalleled knowledge and experience in diagnosing and treating all types of hematologic malignancies (cancers such as leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma that arise from blood cells or bone marrow). As sub-specialists in blood cancers, they are specifically trained in and dedicated to the treatment of hematologic malignancies.

      Our doctors use the latest technology and the most advanced therapies to increase the chances of a cure. Many of these therapies were discovered and developed right here at Massey, where our doctors collaborate closely with our research scientists to bring new research breakthroughs to our patients in the form of clinical trials.

      With one of the largest menus of cancer clinical trials in Virginia, we offer patients expanded treatment options and new hope every day. A pioneer of various treatments, Massey is internationally recognized for designing novel combinations of chemotherapies and targeted agents for blood cancers.

      Many of our doctors are also research scientists in their own right, continually investigating new treatment options and exploring ways to improve the patient care experience. As Massey is part of an academic medical center, our doctors are also professors, educating and training oncologists and other health care professionals. This constant study and teaching of blood cancers helps make our doctors the leading experts in the field.

    • Comprehensive
      Massey offers a full range of treatment options and scope of care, from prevention and diagnosis to treatment, recovery and survivorship.

      Precise diagnosis
      Having the right diagnosis is essential to deciding the best course of treatment. Our radiologists use advanced imaging to accurately detect cancer, and our pathologists utilize the latest methods to determine a precise diagnosis and staging. New technology enables our pathologists to predict a cancer's aggressiveness or its response to certain forms of therapy, as well as to identify genetic abnormalities in some cancers, which can then direct the treatment plan.

      Full range of treatment options and clinical trials
      Treatment for hematologic malignancies may involve chemotherapy, biotherapy such as targeted therapy and immunotherapy, radiotherapy and stem cell transplantation. Massey offers all of these treatment options and leads in the development of novel chemotherapy combinations and innovative radiation therapies. Also, Massey is Richmond’s only and Virginia’s largest and most comprehensive bone marrow transplant (BMT) providerand the only one in the state for children with cancer. A Blue Distinction® Center in recognition of the program’s depth of experience and good patient outcomes, Massey’s BMT program allows patients to receive any available transplant source and option, including related and unrelated bone marrow and stem cell transplants as well as umbilical cord blood transplants.

      Massey also offers a wide range of clinical trials for both newly diagnosed and relapsed patients – many trials that are not found elsewhere. Our trials test new anti-cancer therapies and ways to minimize common cancer-related symptoms. These trials provide access to investigational agents and innovative new therapies that may help increase the chance for successful treatment.

      Comprehensive support services
      At Massey, we believe that treating the whole person, not just the disease, is the best way to care for patients and family members coping with cancer. We take a holistic approach to address not just your medical and physical needs, but also your psychological, emotional and social needs. We offer comprehensive cancer support services to care for you throughout your cancer journey that range from helping minimize symptoms and side effects to helping cope with the emotional and psychological effects of cancer. These services include our international award-winning palliative care; one of the nation’s longest-running cancer rehabilitation programs with physical and occupational therapy especially geared for cancer patients; psychologists; spiritual counseling; licensed social workers and patient navigators; board-certified genetic counselors in Richmond’s only Familial Cancer Clinic; financial, legal, lodging and transportation assistance for patients in need; nutritionists; in-hospital cancer pharmacy services; health and cancer education libraries and programs; cancer support groups; and wig salons that provide free hats, scarves and wigs as well as private head-wear consultation services. We also offer a range of complementary therapies, including acupressure, art therapy, music therapy, pet therapy and tobacco cessation counseling. Complementary therapies are not substitutes for medical care but are used together with medical treatments to help patients alleviate stress and anxiety, reduce pain, manage symptoms and promote a feeling of well-being. Learn more about our patient resources and integrative medicine.

    • Collaborative
      Cancer care generally requires multiple forms of therapy and various specialized doctors. At Massey, our specialists collaborate in multidisciplinary teams to offer one-stop consultations and highly coordinated, unified care. Our blood cancer team works together to guide each patient through every stage of care. Massey pioneered the region’s multidisciplinary approach to cancer care, which combines the expertise of many doctors. This approach ensures that patients who need several different therapies will receive the ideal combination and sequence of treatment.

    • Customized
      Recognizing that each patient is unique and each type of cancer is different, Massey provides treatment strategies and care plans tailored and individualized to each patient. The best treatment for one patient may not be right for another, so you can rest assured that the treatment recommended at Massey will be the best one for you.

    • Compassionate
      Through respectful, attentive and compassionate care, Massey’s cancer care team builds healing relationships with patients that help reduce suffering and death from cancer.

    • Convenient
      Free valet parking at Massey’s clinics on the MCV Campus in downtown Richmond and a selection of other convenient satellite locations throughout the Richmond metropolitan region, Emporia, Fredericksburg, South Hill and Williamsburg provide multiple options for easy access to our world-class cancer care.

      In addition to convenient locations, our treatment facilities were designed for patient comfort, privacy and safety. Our largest infusion treatment space (located in our Dalton Oncology Clinic on the MCV Campus), for example, was recently renovated and expanded. Learn more about this beautiful new space.

  • Specialists

    Our blood cancer specialists at VCU Massey Cancer Center have a depth and breadth of expertise and experience that is unsurpassed. Select from the list below to learn more about our experts and their education, training and specific areas of clinical expertise.


    Image of J. Christian Barrett, M.D.J. Christian Barrett, M.D. [View Image]
    Image of Gordon D. Ginder, M.D.Gordon D. Ginder, M.D. [View Image]
    Image of Steven Grant, M.D.Steven Grant, M.D. [View Image]
    Image of Shejal Patel, D.O.Shejal Patel, D.O. [View Image]
    Image of Asit Paul, M.D.Asit Paul, M.D. [View Image]
    Image of E. Brent Perkins, M.D., Ph.D.E. Brent Perkins, M.D., Ph.D. [View Image]
    Image of Hetal Vachhani, M.D.Hetal Vachhani, M.D. [View Image]
    Image of Christina Wiedl, D.O.Christina Wiedl, D.O. [View Image]
    Image of Victor Yazbeck, M.D.Victor Yazbeck, M.D. [View Image]

    Massey’s hematologists-oncologists are faculty from the Division of Hematology, Oncology and Palliative Care in the Department of Internal Medicine of the VCU School of Medicine at VCU Medical Center.

    Bone Marrow Transplant Specialists

    Alexis Castaneda-Puglianini, M.D.Alexis Castaneda-Puglianini, M.D. [View Image]
    Image of Harold M. Chung, M.D.Harold M. Chung, M.D. [View Image]
    Image of William Clark, M.D.William Clark, M.D. [View Image]
    Image of John M. McCarty, M.D.John M. McCarty, M.D. [View Image]
    Image of Amir Toor, M.D.Amir Toor, M.D. [View Image]
    Image of Christina Wiedl, D.O.Christina Wiedl, D.O. [View Image]

    Massey’s bone marrow transplant specialists are faculty from the Division of Hematology, Oncology and Palliative Care in the Department of Internal Medicine of the VCU School of Medicine at VCU Medical Center.

    Radiation Oncologists

    Image of Shiyu Song, M.D., Ph.D.Shiyu Song, M.D., Ph.D. [View Image]

    Massey’s radiation oncologists are faculty from the Department of Radiation Oncology of the VCU School of Medicine at VCU Medical Center.

    Pediatric Oncologists

    Image of Jordyn Ramsey Griffin, M.D., MSJordyn Ramsey Griffin, M.D., MS [View Image]
    Image of Marieka Helou, M.D.Marieka Helou, M.D. [View Image]
    Image of Gita V. Massey, M.D.Gita V. Massey, M.D. [View Image]
    Image of India Yount Sisler, M.D.India Yount Sisler, M.D. [View Image]
    Image of Zhihong Wang, M.D., Ph.D.Zhihong Wang, M.D., Ph.D. [View Image]
    Image of Christina Wiedl, D.O.Christina Wiedl, D.O. [View Image]

    Massey partners with Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU to provide pediatric cancer care, and our pediatric oncologists are faculty from the Department of Pediatrics of the VCU School of Medicine at VCU Medical Center.

    Additional medical team members

    Others who may be part of your health care team include attending and resident physicians, fellows, pathologists, radiologists, palliative care specialists, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, patient navigators, rehabilitation specialists (physical therapists and occupational therapists), social workers, genetic counselors, psychologists, chaplains, dieticians, care partners, clerks and other specialists as needed.

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Patient Stories

When Ray Slabaugh was diagnosed with a rare form of aggressive lymphoma, he and his wife, Lynn, were prepared to go anywhere to get the best possible treatment. Fortunately, the best treatment in the country was right in their own backyard at Massey. Today he is enjoying remission and his return to an active and full life. “My doctor and his staff are my heroes. They made it so much easier to be sick.” -Ray Slabaugh, lymphoma survivor

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