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VCU Massey Cancer Center


Biostatistics Shared Resource


The mission of the Biostatistics Shared Resource (BSR) is to promote excellence in cancer research by providing outstanding biostatistical support and collaboration to Massey members.

The BSR provides biostatistical support beginning in the initial experimental design stage to the presentation of research findings and, ultimately, in the submission of scientific publications. Biostatisticians also participate in the oversight of cancer center protocols in the Protocol Review and Monitoring System (PRMS) and monitoring committees. The collaborative nature of this work optimizes the shared resources' effectiveness, resulting in support from peer-reviewed grants.

In addition to collaboration, BSR faculty members also contribute through methodological research that applies directly to programmatic research at Massey and training investigators through seminars and individual sessions. The BSR Core also trains postdoctoral scientists and clinical fellows through the clinical research and biostatistics training track.

Functions of the Biostatistics Shared Resource Core

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The Biostatistics Shared Resource (BSR) is located in the Goodwin Research Laboratory, room 119, on VCU's MCV Campus. BSR Core staff also have offices in the Department of Biostatistics at One Capitol Square, seventh floor.


All publications that include results, services or products generated by the VCU Massey Cancer Center Shared Resources must include the following acknowledgement in the manuscript:

"Services in support of the research project were generated by the VCU Massey Cancer Center Biostatistics Shared Resource, supported, in part, with funding from NIH-NCI Cancer Center Support Grant P30 CA016059."

PubMed Central (PMC) ID numbers are required for those publications that use CCSG-supported shared resources. All of Massey Cancer Center's shared resources are supported by the CCSG. 

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This Shared Resource is jointly supported by VCU Massey Cancer Center and the Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation.

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