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Shobha Ghosh, Ph.D.

Massey Cancer Center research program membership

Cancer Molecular Genetics

Department affiliations

Professor, Division of Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine


PhD, Indian Institute of Science, India (1985)
MS, Institute of Medical Education and Research, India (1980)

Research description

Macrophage cholesterol homeostasis not only affects its phenotype but also the communication between macrophages and other tissues/cells in the body affecting the microenvironment. Lipid loaded macrophages are pro-inflammatory and create a pro-tumorogenic environment. Current research in my laboratory focuses on targeted reduction of macrophage cholesterol content by stimulating removal of excess stored cholesteryl esters through enhancement of hydrolysis or by increasing expression of transporters such as ABCA1/ABCG1 (by macrophage targeted delivery of activators of gene expression). In collaboration with Dr. Sarkar, we are studying how the mechanisms underlying communication between macrophages and vascular or metabolic cells are actively pursued to understand the role of macrophage cholesterol/lipid homeostasis in the development of hepatocellular carcinoma. Novel nanoparticle based delivery platforms are also being developed in collaboration with Dr. Yang based on macrophage biology.

Disease focus of research


Research keywords

Animal models,Inflammation,Metabolism,Obesity

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