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Tytus Bernas, M.Sc., Ph.D.

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Massey Cancer Center leadership roles

Director, Microscopy Shared Resource

Department affiliations

Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology, School of Medicine


PhD, Jagiellonian University, Poland (2003)
MSc, Jagiellonian University, Poland (1996)

Research description

My research is focused on understanding mechanism of compartmentalization of DNA replication, transcription, and repair in nuclei of mammalian cells. I study the relationship between dynamics of the respective nuclear compartments and processes contributing to development of cancer, such as motility of glioma cells. I participate as a collaborator in the development and testing of novel fluorescent probes for nuclei and other cell compartments. As the director of Massey's Microscopy Core Facility, I apply techniques developed in the course of my research to support users of the facility. I complement these methods with experience in operation and maintenance of imaging systems, including confocal, wide-field, two-photon and electron microscopes. I have successfully implemented several modalities of optical imaging of live and fixed biological material (cancer cells). These techniques include: time-lapse (fluorescence, backscattered light, DIC, phase contrast), multi-dimensional (confocal, multiphoton, deconvolution), time-resolved (fluorescence lifetime and correlation) and super-resolution (STED, STORM, SIM) microscopy. I combined microscopy-based morphological and functional studies of biological systems with flow cytometry, classic image cytometry and high-throughput screening for quantitative cancer studies. Working with these modalities included development and application of a wide range of techniques of image processing and statistical analysis.

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