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Grace Wang, M.D.

Massey Cancer Center research program membership

Developmental Therapeutics

Department affiliations

Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology , School of Medicine


MD, University of Toledo (2014)

Research description

My current cancer related research involves differentiated vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (dVIN), which is a precancerous vulvar lesion with a high potential for local recurrence and progression to squamous cell carcinoma. dVIN poses a diagnostic challenge both clinically and histopathologically due to its subtle clinical and histologic features and close resemblance to its benign mimics. Currently, I am collaborating with colleagues at VCU and from University of Michigan on three different studies: 1) Identifying the histopathologic differentiators between dVIN and its mimics lichen simplex chronicus, lichen sclerosus and lichen planus; identifying the histologic features that predict for the progression of dVIN to squamous cell carcinoma; 2) Through genotyping, identitying the subtypes of human papillomavirus (HPV) that enable some cases of usual VIN to look histomorphologically similar to dVIN; 3) Investigating and comparing the molecular landscape of dVIN and its malignant counterpart squamous cell carcinoma.

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