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Zheng Fu, Ph.D.

Massey Cancer Center research program membership

Cancer Molecular Genetics

Department affiliations

Associate Professor, Department of Human and Molecular Genetics, School of Medicine


PhD, University of Michigan (2002)
MS, University of Arkansas (1998)

Awards and honors

Research Scholar Award, 2015, American Cancer Society
Dean's Excellent Fund, 2010, Virginia Commonwealth University
New Investigator Award, 2010, Department of Defense
Urology Research Award, 2009, Mayo Clinic
Fraternal Order of Eagles Cancer Research Award, 2009, Mayo Clinic

Research description

My laboratory is interested in elucidating the mechanisms that control tumorigenesis, metastasis, drug resistance, and genomic instability, as well as translating those discoveries from basic cancer studies to experimental therapeutics. The major focuses of our research projects are: 1) Identify the novel functions of PLK1, 2) Elucidate the regulation of PLK1, 3) Understand how deregulation of PLK1 contributes to tumorigenesis using genetically-modified animal models, 4) Develop pharmacological inhibitors that disrupt the interplay between PLK1 and its substrates, 5) Test the efficacy of these inhibitors in our PLK1-prostate cancer mouse models, and 6) Identify and characterize other players that are involved in genomic instability. My laboratory's research has been funded by a DoD new investigator award and an ACS institutional research grant, and it is currently funded by an NIH/NCI R01 and an ACS Research Scholar Grant (RSG).

Disease focus of research

Prostate, Colorectal

Research keywords

Animal models,Cancer cell biology,Cancer therapy resistance,Cell cycle regulation,DNA damage,Drug discovery,Genomics,Metastasis,Mitosis,Oncogenes,Targeted therapies

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