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Colleen Jackson-Cook, M.S., Ph.D.

Massey Cancer Center research program membership

Cancer Biology

Department affiliations

Professor, Department of Pathology, School of Medicine


PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University (1985)
MS, West Virginia University (1980)

Research description

Our studies have focused on assessing acquired chromosomal instability, telomere alterations, and epigenetic alterations that arise in healthy tissues following chemotherapy for breast cancer. We also focus on providing diagnostic cytogenetic and genome-wide copy number (as well as loss of heterozygosity) tests for a variety of solid tumors/leukemia/lymphoma, along with developing/optimizing new diagnostic tests.

Disease focus of research

Breast, Sarcoma

Research keywords

Biomarkers,DNA damage,Epigenetics,Genomics,Mitosis

Published research (during tenure as a Massey Cancer Center member)

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