Faculty and staff

A dog lying on a couch with a knife. [View Image]

Reconstructing the crime scene

How do you transform a forensic science lab meant for in-person instruction into a successful virtual experience? With lots of creativity and a heavy dose of technology.

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Artwork depicting spheres consisting of automobiles. [View Image]

GM’s bold move could spark a major shift in the auto industry

The company’s pledge to eliminate gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles by 2035 has “upped the ante” for other manufacturers.

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A person sitting and watching a sports event on television. [View Image]

Watching the Super Bowl? Here’s what to expect — from the commercials.

Who shows up? Who’s missing? Who fumbles? What to expect from this year’s ads.

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A study of a VCU-led intervention finds it helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities better discriminate between healthy and unhealthy relationships. [View Image]

Study: Training can help people with intellectual disabilities better identify abusive situations

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities experience abuse at high rates. A study of a VCU-led intervention finds it helps participants better discriminate between healthy and unhealthy.

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An oil-on-canvas portrait of William Penn at age 22 in 1666. [View Image]

Exploring the legacy of William Penn, one of early America’s important figures

A VCU professor has edited a new book on Penn’s political writings, offering readers a glimpse into the mind of Pennsylvania’s founder and an early leader in the movement for religious liberty.

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Faculty and staff headlines

From left: Jodi Winship, Elvin Price, and Pam Parsons. [View Image]

Healthier together: Confronting loneliness and health care challenges among older adults

COVID-19 accelerated how one community-driven partnership is reimagining the way care is provided to vulnerable older adults through inclusion, inquiry and innovation.

Students walk up the stairs at Cabell Library. A Star Wars-themed drawing on the left whiteboard states "How to wear a mask. How to NOT wear a mask." A drawing on the right whiteboard of Sen. Bernie Sanders states "Mask required, mittens optional." [View Image]

In photos: In-person classes resume at VCU

University photographer Kevin Morley walked around the Monroe Park Campus on March 4, taking photos of students and faculty as they returned.

Take a (virtual) stroll through VCU’s new Engineering Research Building [View Image]

Take a (virtual) stroll through VCU’s new Engineering Research Building

The facility, which opened last month, will be a hub of learning and invention.

A vaccine vial. [View Image]

How to fight misconceptions about COVID-19 vaccines

A VCU expert in media and health explains how to talk with friends and family members who are hesitant about getting vaccinated.

First lady Jill Biden meets with V C U researchers Feb. 24 [View Image]

In photos: Jill Biden visits VCU Massey Cancer Center

A VCU employee cleans a basketball during a game. [View Image]

VCU is hosting 2 college basketball tournaments. To do it safely has required careful planning.

Over the next two weeks, teams from over a dozen universities will be in Richmond for the Atlantic 10 men’s and women’s tournaments. Here’s a look at the steps taken to prepare for their arrival.

Dina Garcia, Ph.D. [View Image]

VCU researcher is one of two nationwide to receive funding for review of medical education curricula

The goal is to use the findings to inform future diversity, equity and inclusion practices across medical schools, said Dina Garcia, an assistant professor in the School of Medicine.

An artistic rendering of the new V C U STEM building. [View Image]

VCU’s new STEM building is beginning to take shape

Steel beams for the building will be delivered next week. The project at the site of the old Franklin Street Gym will expand lab, classroom and office space for the College of Humanities and Sciences.

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