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Want research experience? 

  • Resources for Undergraduate Research: Undergraduate research experience can make scholarship applications substantially more competitive. In fact, certain scholarship opportunities (especially for students in STEM programs) require undergraduate research experience.
    • The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) connects students with research opportunities, such as the UROP Summer Fellows program, and various presentation opportunities (such as Research Week).
    • Auctus, the journal of undergraduate research and creative scholarship, presents opportunities to be published, which is valuable in nationally competitive scholarship applications. 
    • Honors Summer Undergraduate Research Program (HSURP) is a special opportunity for students in good standing with the Honors College, and the experiences gleaned from the program look stellar on a scholarship applications. Certain research-focused scholarships even require research experience. Research projects cover a broad range of disciplines and students may apply to a maximum of three projects. 
  • VCU Libraries: VCU Libraries offers students a breadth of resources such as journals, books, digital media, articles and more. Regardless of the scholarship, fellowship or grant opportunity you are pursuing, it is important to be as informed as possible about the topic at hand. Whether your written matterials discuss a global issue, a country, a language, an industry, etc., you should use the resources that VCU Libraries provides as advantageously as possible. Megan Hodge, Teaching and Learning Librarian, is the NSO's primary liaison. 

Need to hone your writing skills?

  • VCU Writing Center: Students who apply for scholarships through the National Scholarship Office have found great value in working with the VCU Writing Center. The Writing Center is a peer-based learning support service for students, which aides them in becoming stronger writers. They offer undergraduate and graduate workshops, English language resources, online consultations, and in-person meetings. The Writing Center can offer fresh eyes to your personal statement, short answer responses, grant proposal, or any other piece of your written materials package for a scholarship, fellowship or grant application. While the VCU Writing Center does not work with VCU alumni, the Writing Center recommends alumni utilize VCU Career Services

Need help funding your tuition at VCU?

  • VCU Scholarship Sharing:  A student group with the mission to connect students with as many funding opportunities as possible. This group is centered around online networking, however; they also make presentations and host an annual scholarship fair.
  • VCU Student Organizations: Many scholarship, fellowship, and grant committees look for students who pursue enrichment outside of the traditional academic setting. Being a part of an extracurricular student group displays time-management, growth, dedication, and also presents a number of leadership opportunities. If you are not a part of one, consider joining one of the many here at VCU.

Apply to VCU's internal scholarships!

  • Funding Opportunities for Graduate StudentsThe Graduate School regularly posts information on their Bulletin Board about externally funded grants, scholarships and fellowship programs. 
  • Funding for attending VCU: The NSO supports students in nationally competitive scholarship applications that primarily focus on studying, researching, or teaching abroad. For students looking for funding to attend VCU, we suggest utilizing resources such as the:
  • VCU Financial Aid Office
  • VCU Business Services: Business services offers a wide range of scholarships to VCU students that can be applied to tuition for the following semester. These scholarships are for VCU students only.
  • We also suggest students explore opportunities through their department. Department awards, such as stipends and tuition and fee support, are granted each year to new and continuing graduate students. Eligibility is based on a variety of criteria, including academic performance and competitiveness. Inquiries about awards should be made to the director of the student’s program of study.

Want to learn about study abroad programs?

  • VCU Global Education Office and VCU Education Abroad OfficeFor nationally competitive scholarships, it is sometimes important that applicants have prior study abroad experience. Both the VCU Global Education Office and VCU Education Abroad Office provide a wealth of information for first-time, short-term study abroad experiences. Both provide opportunities for VCU students to study abroad and participate in international exchanges.
  • You can also apply for external funding for your study abroad experience. The Education Abroad Office provides an extensive scholarship listing.


  • Grants.gov: Searchable database for all federal funding opportunities.
  • GrantsNet: AAAS; One-stop resource to find funds for research and training in the sciences. Includes search function for International Applicants.
  • Duke University Office of Scholars and Fellows DatabaseDuke University has a substantial database for undergraduate and post-graduate funding opportunities. 
  • Michigan State University Libraries DatabaseThis compilation from Michigan State University focuses primarily on funding opportunities for individuals, such as financial aid or scholarships for students.
  • UCLA Scholarship Database: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)'s database catalogs funding opportunities of interest to prospective and current under/graduate students, students working on a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation, and postdoctoral scholars. It contains information on over 500 private and publicly funded awards, fellowships, and internships. Advanced search options allow users to refine their search by field, academic level, award type, award amount, and other criteria.
  • Writing Personal Statements: A Handbook for Students Applying for Scholarships and Graduate Study
  • Writing Recommendation Letters: A Handbook for Faculty for Letters of Recommendation
  • Scholarship Resources for non-U.S. Citizens:
    • Non-US Citizen Opportunities Google Doc: includes a listing of fellowships, grants, and scholarships that accept applications from non-U.S. citizens, as well as links to several other databases with information for international and undocumented students. Updated 2015.
    • Scholars4dev (Scholarships For Development): this searchable database lists scholarship oppotunities that are open to students with citizenship outside the U.S.

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