Universitywide development and communications staff

Massey Cancer Center

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Martha Quinn [View Image]

Martha Quinn

Executive Director of Development

Phone: (804) 827-0652

Email: mquinn3@vcu.eduView bio

Jasmine J. Davis (M.S.’10/H&S) [View Image]

Jasmine J. Davis (M.S.’10/H&S)

Major Gifts Officer

Phone: (804) 828-4812

Email: jjdavis3@vcu.eduView bio

Michelle Adcock [View Image]

Michelle Adcock

Director of Board Relations and Chief of Development Operations

Phone: (804) 828-1187

Email: madcock@vcu.eduView bio

Michelle Adcock oversees Massey's Community Advisory Board and Massey Alliance Board. Her role is to facilitate strategic engagement of board members through education, communication and participation and ensure they are equipped to be effective fundraisers, friend raisers and advocates for Massey. She has a master’s degree in nonprofit management from Canisius College. She most recently served as director of development for Norfolk Collegiate School in Hampton Roads and has previously served as director of development for Junior Achievement of Western New York and the National Kidney Foundation serving upstate N.Y. She has been with Massey since August 2015. 

Leslie Altaffer [View Image]

Leslie Altaffer

Assistant Director of Stewardship

Phone: (804) 628-9100

Email: laltaffer@vcu.eduView bio

Christopher Mereen [View Image]

Christopher Mereen

Leadership Annual Giving Officer

Phone: 804-628-3322

Email: mereencl@vcu.eduView bio

Robinette Tiller [View Image]

Robinette Tiller

Senior Annual Giving Coordinator

Phone: (804) 828-0034

Email: rmtiller@vcu.eduView bio

Ocelia Hudson [View Image]

Ocelia Hudson

Strategic Engagement Development Manager

Phone: (804) 628-1663

Email: ohudson@vcu.eduView bio

Katherine Layton [View Image]

Katherine Layton

Development Communications Manager

Email: laytonk@vcu.eduView bio

Emily Pumphrey [View Image]

Emily Pumphrey

Administrative Coordinator

Phone: (804) 827-2232

Email: pumphreyej@vcu.eduView bio

Cynthia Zilch [View Image]

Cynthia Zilch

Director of Development

Phone: (804) 828-1452

Email: czilch@vcu.eduView bio

Cynthia Bade [View Image]

Cynthia Bade

Major Gift Officer

Phone: (804) 828-1452

Email: badec2@vcu.eduView bio

Patricia Jackson [View Image]

Patricia Jackson

Major Gift Officer

Phone: (804) 628-5258

Email: jacksonp2@vcu.eduView bio

Marianne Johnson [View Image]

Marianne Johnson

Massey Events Planner

Phone: (804) 628-2685

Email: johnsonm41@vcu.eduView bio

Charmica Harris [View Image]

Charmica Harris

Director of Annual Giving

Phone: 804-628-7294

Email: eppscd3@vcu.eduView bio

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