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Kelly Gotschalk (B.F.A.’90/A; M.A.’97/A) [View Image]

Kelly Gotschalk (B.F.A.’90/A; M.A.’97/A)

Director of Development and Major Gifts

Phone: (804) 827-1163

Email: kjgotschalk@vcu.eduView bio

Caslin Applewhite (B.F.A.’11/A) [View Image]

Caslin Applewhite (B.F.A.’11/A)

Events and Communications Coordinator

Phone: (804) 357-7655

Email: applewhiteec@vcu.eduView bio

Gregory G. Kimbrell (M.F.A.’11/H&S) [View Image]

Gregory G. Kimbrell (M.F.A.’11/H&S)

Events and Programs Coordinator

Phone: (804) 828-0593

Email: kimbrellgg@vcu.eduView bio

Sarah Neely [View Image]

Sarah Neely

Officer of Annual Giving

Phone: (804) 827-3616

Email: neelysb@vcu.eduView bio

Sue Robinson [View Image]

Sue Robinson

Director of Communications and Public Relations

Phone: (804) 828-0129

Email: srobinson26@vcu.eduView bio

Antonia FD Vassar (B.A.’05/A) [View Image]

Antonia FD Vassar (B.A.’05/A)

Director of Stewardship and Volunteer Engagement

Phone: (804) 827-1165

Email: vassaram@vcu.eduView bio

Antonia F.D. Vassar graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2005 with a B.A. in music. She became interested in fundraising and philanthropy after working in the VCU Libraries Development Office as a student. She enjoys seeing VCU Libraries donors engaged and active in the larger VCU and Richmond communities. 

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