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At Virginia Commonwealth University, you can hit the ground running. The motivation and opportunity to make a difference surround you from day one. We’ve got over 200 programs, students of all types and a city full of experiences and opportunities. There’s lots of excitement, so we give you the flexibility to explore a variety of programs and map the major with the greatest potential to achieve your goals.

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Top 100 institutions for minority students*

Everyone’s goals are valuable. We make them achievable.

Whether you want to start a practice, star on Broadway or make a groundbreaking discovery, there’s a way to make it happen at VCU. Here are a few of our strengths.

VCU Arts students Caitlyn Sharlette and Keanna Kogut painting a Fashion inspired mural [View Image]


Creativity spans our campus. The ability to bring new ideas to the table is a valuable skill for any discipline.Dr. Wenheng Zhang's garden at VCU [View Image]


Whether you want to get published in academic journals or Forbes magazine, we’ve got a project for you.VCU Health giving a kidney transplant with robotic surgery [View Image]


VCU Medical Center was ranked the No. 2 hospital in Virginia by U.S. News & World Report in 2020.Master of Product Innovation students working on a more efficient air pump, VCU da Vinci Center [View Image]


With over 200 programs and a city rich with creativity, you’ve got a recipe to reimagine your world.

Success is around every corner

Everyone has the potential to do amazing things at Virginia Commonwealth University. In fact, 17% of VCU students improve their income by two quartiles — the highest increase among universities on the East Coast. It’s about broadening your horizons. And taking action now.

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* CMA Inc. (2018, August 23). Top 100 degree producers. Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, 35(15).