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Research is a way of life at VCU.


People turn to us for opinions, explanations and help in solving some of the most critical issues facing communities today. 

Our faculty, staff and students take the lead. They collaborate. They delve deep into topics. They listen. They question. They explore. It’s what we believe a research university should do. And it’s what we do at Virginia Commonwealth University.

In fiscal year 2019, VCU garnered $310 million in sponsored research. Find opportunities and resources through the Office of Research and Innovation.

Bright young minds

We encourage our students, no matter their major, to get involved in research. And they do. Really. Cool. Stuff.

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Lohitha Kethu

Created a graphic novel to help children with Type I Diabetes understand their disease

Read More - Lohitha Kethu

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Daniel Mohammadi

Worked with zebrafish to unlock clues to what causes leukemia at a cellular level

Read more - Daniel Mohammadi

Photo of Elaine Williams [View Image]

Elaine Williams

Examined how service providers can better meet the needs of homeless youth

Read more - Elaine Williams

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Andrew Harris

Studied how health care professionals incorporate mindfulness into their daily lives

Read more - Andrew Harris


Top 3 Virginia research university

Top 100 National Science Foundation research university

Top Fulbright-producing institution in 2016-17

We help get your research off the ground.

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Graduate and postdoctoral research

As a graduate student or postdoc at VCU, you'll have the chance to dive into research that matters to you, working side by side with faculty experts when you need guidance.

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Unconventional partnerships

The beauty of being an urban, public research university is that we get to work with so many different people — all contributing their perspectives. You might think we’re a bit unconventional in some of the ideas and experts we bring together. We think that’s when we are at our best. And we absolutely love the results.

Researcher observing baby on skateboard-like device

Baby steps

Helping babies with neuromuscular disorders crawl and explore the world Read more [View Image]
Elderly woman and VCU student dancing together

Aging gracefully

PALETTE, an intergenerational arts program, pairs VCU students with senior adults to overcome ageism through art Read more [View Image]
Woman holding baby in recording studio while talking to man

Love notes

An interdisciplinary project helps new and expectant mothers in difficult circumstances write lullabies to bond with their children Read more [View Image]
Ph.D. student sitting in grass with meteorological research equipment

Measuring flux

New meteorological tower at the Rice Rivers Center gives researchers the big picture on environment and climate change Read more [View Image]

Current research across VCU

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