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You First at VCU

Strategic Enrollment Management and Student Success

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In addition to the many ways VCU can help you with and , here are some other resources that first-gen students may find useful.

Taking care of you

University life is an adventure, but you may find that the very things that are new, different and exciting can also be stressful. Whether it is adapting to a busy academic and social schedule, meeting new people, or finding that you’re a little homesick, VCU offers numerous resources to help you adjust to your new environment and take care of yourself physically and mentally.

We encourage you to take advantage of the many resources VCU offers, all of which are covered in your student fees.

Making the most of VCU

Don’t go it alone. VCU offers a lot of resources to ensure that your student experience is nothing but the best, with resources that help you navigate the campus, the city and your life.

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