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Innovate With Us

Making content that engages with students is key to an impactful learning experience. We continually parse through the best of new and emerging technologies to find what will spark the minds of you and your students.

It’s not innovation for innovation’s sake; it’s us, together with you, pushing and executing better ideas that help you reach your goals with your students.

Our model is simple: If it’s good, can we make it even better?

The Team

Let's build something different

  • Creating a 3-D model scan of an extinct passenger pigeon’s skull that’s uploaded to a shared OER database of archeological records for global use.
  • Helping students predict CO2 and CH4 levels of a carbon flux tower by manipulating data hypothesis visualizations in real time.
  • Conducting research with virtual reality environments and EEG headsets to study empathy with patients.

These are just a few of the recent innovative projects we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of, inspiring us to continue pushing the boundaries of ideas.

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