Merchandise options

While use of the official brand mark or wordmark is preferred on merchandise for schools, colleges, etc., we recognize the occasional need to do something a bit different for student fundraisers and retail sales.

For these instances, it is permissible to omit “School of”, “College of”, etc. (i.e., VCU Pharmacy, VCU Engineering) and stylize the artwork as long as it does not infringe on the typographical standards set forth in this guide for brand marks or wordmarks.

In all cases, merchandise should be produced via licensed vendors and the ® mark must be included after VCU. ® should be approximately 1/8 height of the “U”.

Faculty and staff should continue to use their approved unit brand marks or wordmarks for all merchandise, collateral, promotion, etc.Merchandise: different typestyling and omitting "School of" [View Image]

OK: different typestyling and omitting “School of”


Merchandise: official school mark [View Image]

OK: official school mark

Merchandise: Do not use partial university brand assets [View Image]

Do not use partial university brand assets
(in this case, VCU logotype).


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