Primary palette

Do not substitute other colors for these primary colors.  [View Image]


*Spot color for uncoated paper: A custom “VCU Gold Mix” should be used consisting of 1.1% Warm Red, 2.2% Rubine Red and 96.7% Process Yellow. This custom ink should be made by a certified ink vendor and purchased by your offset printer. It is essentially a custom PMS color made just for printing on uncoated paper. It cannot be specified in a layout program comprising a CMYK build. (NOTE: If cost is a consideration, Pantone 109U may be used in place of the custom mix on uncoated stock. University Relations can supply 109U versions of the brand mark on request.) 

**Four-color process for VCUGold ink: This is made up of a CMYK build and should only be used for offset printing on coated paper: 0% cyan, 30% magenta, 100% yellow and 0% black. It should be monitored on press to ensure it matches to PMS 130. For in-house printing on a standard/generic desktop printer (inkjet or laser), please use the four-color process (CMYK) versions of the logo. 

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