Student organization guidelines

Student organizations may not represent themselves as agents of the university and are not allowed to use official VCU logos and symbols of the university, unless a registered athletic club. Please contact the trademarks and licensing office for correct usage and approval. 

Students are not permitted to use the university’s logo or spirit mark for personal use. University symbols should not be displayed on personal web pages, nor should personal pages use the name of the university in such a way that the reader would perceive the page to be an official university website. Personal use of university symbols on merchandise is prohibited without approval by University Relations.


Cycling club at VCU [View Image]
Uses the correct “at VCU” (or “@VCU”) after organization name, but not in official logotype. Approval not required if following this format.
BCM at VCU [View Image]
Does not use official VCU identifiers
and stays away from brand guidelines.
National Secuirty, not acceptable usage [View Image]
Not acceptable:
While correctly using “at VCU,”
should not use typography that is similar
to the official VCU font.

NOTE: In all cases, VCU affiliation should be designated as <Group> at VCU, not VCU <Group> to avoid confusion with official unit identifiers.


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