Employer Development

Main number: (804) 828-1645
General contact email: careers@vcu.edu
Employers: hirevcurams@vcu.edu

Danielle Pearles [View Image]

Danielle Pearles

Associate Director, Employer & Experiential Development


Career educator and connector, supporting students' pursuit of meaningful lives. Boston sports fan since birth. Maker of culinary confections. Lover of coffee, music and books.

Quintrel Lenore, Assistant Director [View Image]

Quintrel Lenore

Assistant Director, Employer & Experiential Development


Career development professional excited to be a connector for students, employers, faculty, and alumni. 757 native. Hip Hop lover and creative. Always open to debate about top 5 greatest emcees.

Rhonda Hall [View Image]

Monique Sample

Coordinator, Employer and Experiential Development

Rhonda Hall [View Image]

Ash Taylor-Beierl

Job Location & Development Coordinator


Virginia Commonwealth University
Division of Student Success
907 Floyd Avenue, Room 143
Box 842007
Richmond, Virginia 23284-2007

Phone: (804) 828-1645
Fax: (804) 828-2060
Email: careers@vcu.edu
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