The Wright Center brings academic and community partners together to improve community health and health care through research.

The Virginia Ambulatory Care Outcomes Research Network, or ACORN, is a collaborative partnership between primary care practices and a multidisciplinary team of researchers from the VCU Department of Family Medicine and Population Health. ACORN’s mission is to improve health and transform care delivery through primary care research and implementation. Clinical discoveries from ACORN-supported research have advanced primary care, influenced policy locally and nationally and improved the health of Virginians.

The Mid-Atlantic Twin Registry is one of the largest twin databases in the world, containing population-based records of more than 60,000 twin pairs of all ages and backgrounds who are largely from Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. It also contains higher order multiples and a blood repository that contains DNA samples provided by more than 1,500 twins. The capabilities of the registry are supported in part by Wright Center funds.

Cite & Submit: UL1TR002649

Publications supported by the Wright Center must cite the CTSA Grant number (UL1TR002649) and comply with the NIH Public Access Policy. We rely on these citations as a critical performance measure when reporting annual productivity to the NIH.

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