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Thank a Professor

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The CTLE and Faculty Success team values positivity and sharing gratitude whenever possible. We know VCU faculty teach with compassion and do everything they can for students and their academic success. During the COVID-19 emergency transition to remote teaching, we created the "Thank a Professor" initiative for students, alumni, VCU colleagues, or students' family members to submit a message of gratitude. We collect and then share out those messages with the faculty - you can see some examples of the messages below.

To our faculty: Your commitment to our students makes all the difference in their engagement, persistence, and ultimate academic achievement. Thank you for all that you do to make VCU a great place!

Submit a message of gratitude

You have been such an incredible teacher and inspiration, not just in writing, but in life. This world is very lucky to have you in it. Wow, I am so fortunate to have met you, to have studied under you.Thank you!!!

Thank you for all your support and encouragement! You taught me how to enjoy the process and benefit from the learning experience behind it. Your guidance eased my semester and created a space for me to grow in knowledge and to dive in depth in my research interest.

Thank you for everything you always did to help us reach our potential and perform with excellence.Your investment in us will never get wasted. Your mentorship was the turning point in my life! I will always remain grateful to you for believing in me when no one else, including me, did.

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