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Madison Brown

The VCU "Cope" Study: COVID-19 and Perinatal Experiences

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Patricia Kinser

Department: Nursing of Women's Health

In a nutshell: This research is intended to examine the impacts that stressful events may have on pregnant women and new mothers. The primary goal is to evaluate feelings and emotions during the COVID-19 outbreak in real-time to enhance future studies.

In a bigger shell: In this online observational study of n=639 pregnant and postpartum women in the spring of 2020 in the United States, we examined the impact of COVID-19 on experiences of pregnant and new mothers in real-time, as the pandemic was occurring. Questions assessed perceptions of perinatal services and related concerns regarding the pandemic.

End of year goal: The end goal of this research is to spread awareness of the detrimental impacts that stressful events, such as COVID-19, may have on pregnant women and their children.

A tip for others: Keep going! There have been major strides in the mental health field, but plenty of work is needed to understand the impacts that stress and other psychiatric symptoms may have on pregnant women and their developing children.

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