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Amanda Stahl

The Agorɔ Game: Designing A Values Edutainment Tool for Ghanaian Children

Faculty mentor: Dr. Vivian Dzokoto

Department: African American Studies

In a nutshell: I have designed and piloted a board game based on Ghanaian values. The game was developed with the intention of being used as an investigative tool for studying values in Ghanaian children.

In a bigger shell: The Agorɔ Game is the result of a larger study exploring what Ghanaians in an urban setting considered to be quintessential Ghanaian virtues. In total, 24 focus groups of 4-8 participants in urban Southern Ghana were conducted. Those interviews yielded 32 value and 24 vice-related themes. However, this dataset only captures the opinions and perspectives of Ghanaian adults, leaving out Ghanaian youth. One predominant theme that emerged during these interviews was an intergenerational tension, in which the older generations critique the practices and changing values of Ghanaian youth. With that sentiment being popular throughout the interviews, there exists a gap in the data: the youth. What values do Ghanaian youth have? How do the younger generations in Ghana perceive and understand societal values and vices? To begin to answer these questions, a new study was proposed: a board game, based on the value and vice-related themes found in the focus group discussions, geared towards children. The Agorɔ Game, which has been designed and piloted, now has the potential to be used as both a research and educational tool with further research.

End of year goal: To create a product that can be replicated and used in a variety of settings to further research value learning in children.

A tip for others: Don't be afraid to be creative! While a lot of my work this summer has been very "academic," I have also actually had to sit down and create the game itself.

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