Little Wanderers’ Advocate.



Little Wanderers’ Advocate.


The first 16 pages of this item describe the origin, mission statement, constitution, and founding board members of the Union Mission and Home for Little Wanderers.  

Union Mission & Home for Little Wanderers formed by ten Boston businessmen to care for children orphaned by the Civil War. They were inspired by the Howard Mission of New York. 

The Little Wanderers' Advocate 


p.3 "One Word to the Widowed Mother.
Do not send your child to the poor-house. We will take and provide a good home for it. You may know where it is placed and be at liberty to write to it or visit it at proper times. We shall deal with your child as if it were our own." 

p.5 "What we Propose to Do. 
Take every child of sorrow, of every age, and feed, clothe, instruct, and thus prepare them for homes, where they shall enjoy all the influences of good society, and thus grow up to become useful men and women. 
In almost every instance we can place a boy into a home where they have no boy, and a girl where they have no girl. 
Can we do this? 
For several years past we have been taking children to homes. We have committees over the West, and in the New England and other States, and receive applications for more children than we can possibly furnish.
Conditions: We bind no child to any person; there is no slavery in the matter, all is voluntary between the child and the one who takes it, we reserving the right to remove any child who is not properly treated."

p.7 "Soldiers' Children
The children of those noble men who have fallen during this unholy rebellion, shall be the objects of peculiar care. They shall be doubly welcome. We owe them a debt that the kindest treatment can never pay. They are not in the strict sense of the word objects of charity, but they have claims upon the public that demand our noblest response. Come to the Union Mission and Home for the Little Wanderers, and what we can do to place you in situations where all that society, friendship and love can do for you will be done. And when the Stars and Stripes shall again wave over this entire land, a grateful people will remember that it was the blood of your fathers that puchased liberty to all, the price of our natonal redemption."


Union Mission and Home for Little Wanderers





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