Training Overview: Preliminary

Training Overview: Preliminary

Preliminary Medicine Track (NRP Program Code: 1743140P0)

The goal of the preliminary medicine track is to provide a well-rounded one year foundation in Internal Medicine for individuals preparing to enter advanced specialty programs, in a challenging yet supportive environment.  During this year of training, we strive to provide an experience in which each individual feels part of the core team of Internal Medicine trainees.


  • Fully integrated in the program as an Internal Medicine trainee
  • Rotations designed to give breadth of training in Internal Medicine (in both ambulatory and inpatient settings)
  • Rotations designed to give experience in IM-specific areas pertinent to future roles
  • Parallel experiences to IM trainees
  • Expectations and standards that are consistent with IM trainees
    • Conferences, requirements, experiences
  • Core advisor in Internal Medicine as well as in advanced program
  • Primary difference in training from core IM trainees – no continuity clinic assignment

Sample schedule (approximately 50% VA hospital, 50% MCVH

sample rotation schedule [View Image]

Advantages to VCU combined preliminary experience:

  • Excellent, challenging training in a supportive, internationally recognized Internal Medicine training program
  • Training at same site for advanced program
  • Training with future colleagues
  • Focused preparation for future training
  • Beginning integration into advanced program (dual advising, invites to advanced program activities, participation in recruiting, etc)
  • Full commitment from the Department of Internal Medicine leadership to your training as an advanced trainee
  • Tandem Block Schedule
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