VCU Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
Vision Statement
April 8, 2021

&The Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics will be a model of a vibrant and thriving university mathematics department, exhibiting excellence in the following areas, as interwoven into the fabric of the local, regional, national, and international communities. We commit to:

  • (Justice, Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity) becoming a national model of justice, equity, inclusion, and diversity for students, faculty and staff, within both the university and the profession, making a collective impact in these areas throughout all of the categories below.
  • (Research) expanding our national and international reputation for our varied research in pure and applied mathematics and mathematical education, our innovative Ph.D. program, and our engagement in the profession.
  • (Teaching) growing our campus stature as a model for teaching excellence at all levels, in and out of the classroom, including our dedication to pedagogical advancements, adaptive and relevant high quality curricula, and undergraduate research.
  • (Student Community) having a robust extracurricular environment that attracts and engages students, inspires in them an expanded curiosity in and appreciation of mathematics, and offers for them networking and developmental opportunities that prepare them for both employment and further education.
  • (Outreach) sustaining our regional and national leadership in programs that support K-12 mathematics education and the broader learning community.
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