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Certificate Opportunities Admissions

Information on how to apply to VCU School of Medicine Certificate Opportunities


Please contact the individuals below for additional information about each program. You also can fill out our contact form.

Certificate Programs

Addiction Studies: Intermediate Concentration

Addiction Studies: Advanced Concentration

Clinical Genetics

Genomic Data Science

Medical Physics

Premedical Health Sciences


Mary Loos, Ph.D.
VCU Program Director
E-mail: meloos@vcu.edu

Mary Loos, Ph.D.
VCU Program Director
E-mail: meloos@vcu.edu

Heather Creswick, M.S., CGC
Program Director
E-mail: heather.creswick@vcuhealth.org

Ekaterina Smirnova, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
E-mail: ekatarina.smirnova@vcuhealth.org

William Song, Ph.D.
Program Director
E-mail: william.song@vcuhealth.org

I. Scott Ramsey, Ph.D.
Program Director
E-mail: ian.ramsey@vcuhealth.org

Financial Support, Tuition & Fees

Each Certificate program is unique and therefore each program has its own costs and (in some cases) support for students. Please contact each program for more information. U.S. citizens and permanent residents should contact the VCU School of Medicine Financial Aid Office for information on financial aid.Contact the VCU SOM Financial Aid Office

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