Nanomaterials Core Characterization Facility

Ultra High-Resolution Analytical FE-SEM SU-70

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Nanolithography System

The SU-70, incorporating Hitachi’s field-proven semi-in-lens technology and a new Schottky electron gun. It features not only ultra-high resolution (1.0 nm/15kV, 1.6nm/l kV), but also reduced charge-up imaging, compositional-contrast imaging, and ultra-low voltage imaging (deceleration mode) derived. Its Schottky electron gun, which can produce probe currents in excess of 200 nA, enables a wide variety of analytical capabilities at high throughput.


Equipment Statistics

Sample preparation toolsPlatinum and gold sputtering system for SEM
Carbon evaporator for EDS
Small speed diamond SAW for cutting samples
Secondary electron image resolution1.0 nm @ 15 kV; 1.6 nm @ 1 kV
Magnification20x - 800,000x
Schottky emission gun‎ with probe current1 pA - 100 nA
5 axis motor-drive stageX,Y: 0-110mm, Z: 1.5 - 40mm, Tilt: -5/+70 deg., Rotation: 360 deg.
Sample SizeLess than 150mm in diameter
AccessoriesEDS (EDAX system)
NPGS system for e-beam lithography
Dedicated back-scattered electron detector STEM


Accessories for HItachi SEM

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