Division of Neuro-Oncology

Neuro-oncology is the study of cancer and how it affects the nervous system, and neuro-oncologists care for patients with primary brain tumors, cancer metastatic to the nervous system, neurologic complications of cancer therapy and neurologic paraneoplastic syndromes.

Mark G. Malkin, M.D.

Chair, Division of Neuro-Oncology; Professor

Mark G. Malkin, M.D. [View Image]Divisions: Adult Neurology, Neuro-Oncology William G. Reynolds Jr. Chair, Division of Neuro-oncology McGlothlin Medical Education Center 12-212

Department: Department of Neurology

Phone: 804-828-8340

Fax: 804-828-5406

Email: mark.malkin@vcuhealth.org

Graduate Education

  • M.D., Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Post Graduate Education

  • Neuro-oncology, Department of Neurology, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY
  • 09/2014 – present Professor of Neurosurgery, Virginia Commonwealth University
    11/2013 – present Member, Developmental Therapeutics Program, Massey Cancer Center, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
    09/2013 – present Professor of Neurology, Virginia Commonwealth University
    02/2007 – 08/2013 Professor of Neurosurgery, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI
    07/2005 – 08/2013 Professor of Neurology, Medical College of Wisconsin
    05/2004 – 06/2005 Associate Professor of Neurology, Medical College of Wisconsin
    11/1996 – 08/2003 Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology, Cornell University Medical College, New York, NY
    04/1996 – 08/2003 Associate Clinical Member, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY 02/1988 – 10/1996 Assistant Professor of Neurology, Cornell University Medical College
    09/1990 – 03/1996 Assistant Member, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
    02/1988 – 08/1990 Clinical Assistant, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • 7/1980-6/1981 - Internal Medicine - Sunnybrook Medical Center, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • 7/1981-6/1984 - Neurology - University of Toronto Neurology Training Program, Toronto , Ontario, Canada
  • 7/1985-1/1988 - Neuro-oncology - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY


  • Neurology, 1984
  • Neuro-oncology, 2011

Affiliate Departments

  • Massey Cancer Center
  • Neurosurgery

Research Expertise

  • My research interests include clinical trials for brain tumor patients, advanced brain tumor imaging, the epidemiology of primary brain tumors and quality of life studies in brain tumor patients. I maintain that patients with these illnesses are best served by seeking state-of-the-art interdisciplinary care, as early as possible in their course of treatment, at an academic medical center. I believe that VCU and MCC provide the very best quality patient care, research and teaching in neuro-oncology, and I am honored to be a vital member of this team.
    Forty per cent of my time and effort is protected to do neuro-oncology research. During the course of my career I have been the institutional PI on 23 clinical trials. My role in this research effort is to open a wide range of brain tumor trials at MCC, (investigator-initiated, NCI cooperative group and pharma-sponsored), and to recruit as many subjects as possible to these trials. The goal is to have at least one clinical trial available for the most common brain tumor scenarios (newly diagnosed and recurrent glioblastoma, other malignant glioma, low grade glioma, primary CNS lymphoma, and brain metastases). I have been a member of the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG) since 2004 (now NRG), and have participated in those meetings on a regular basis. I am a member of the Neurosurgical Subcommittee and of the Brain Tumor Steering Committee of the NRG. I have also participated in the Brain Tumor Translational Research Group meetings at the RTOG. As “the face of neuro-oncology” at MCC, I will continue to contribute to these discussions at the NRG meetings. At MCC, I will be assisted by (and will mentor the careers of) my fellowship-trained neuro-oncologist colleagues, Dr. Zhi-Jian Chen (recruited August 1, 2015) and Dr. Alicia Zukas (to begin August 1, 2016), both Assistant Professors in the Department of Neurology.
    I was a founding member and clinical research director of the Translational Brain Tumor Research Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). There, I worked closely with the Principal Investigators (PIs) of that program, Drs. Kathleen Schmainda (Departments of Radiology and Biophysics) and Wade Mueller (Department of Neurosurgery), in the context of both patient care and translational research. Being primarily responsible for subject recruitment, I met weekly with Dr. Schmainda’s research group to review advanced imaging cases. It was at this meeting that the most relevant research questions were raised and new discoveries made. The productive collaboration between these investigators is evidenced by the many recent co-authored publications and awards using advanced imaging techniques for the evaluation of brain tumor patients. Given my lengthy clinical care and research experience, I was well suited for my role on this study to recruit patients and guide the role of advanced imaging technology developments to advance patient care and treatments. Also while at MCW, I worked closely with the PI of another grant proposal, Dr. Shama Mirza (Department of Biochemistry), in the context of translational research. Dr. Mirza is an expert in mass spectrometry, and has used this technology to develop numerous novel approaches to the quantitative analysis of biological samples, including captured DNA protein complexes. I met regularly with Dr. Mirza to review the correlation between clinical, imaging and proteomic data of glioblastoma (GBM) samples. The experiments performed were designed to identify a priori the response, or lack thereof, to antiangiogenesis therapy in patients with recurrent GBM, and so personalize their care. The results offer prognostic and predictive information on a case-by-case basis. Spinoffs from this research include the identification of unique tumor-associated proteins (biomarkers) that shed light on fundamental mechanisms of GBM oncogenesis, growth, invasiveness and drug resistance. These discoveries, in turn, enable rational drug design and subsequent clinical trials.
    An essential component of the creation of the Neuro-oncology Program at VCU and MCC has been the recruitment of a neuropsychologist, Dr. Ashlee Loughan (Department of Neurology), whose research interest is the evaluation, understanding and treatment of the cognitive consequences of cancer and cancer therapy in patients referred to the MCC. My role in this project will include the facilitation and supervision of Dr. Loughan’s research, and to be a mentor to her.

Clinical Specialties

  • I am a neuro-oncologist, board certified in neurology and neuro-oncology, with expertise in cancer as it affects the nervous system. I care for adult patients with primary brain tumors, metastases to the nervous system, nervous system complications of cancer therapy, and with neurologic paraneoplastic syndromes.

Teaching Expertise

  • 09/2014 - present: Advisor, Project HEART for M1 students, Virginia Commonwealth Universityh School of Medicine 
    04/1999 – 03/2003: Director, Neurology Graduate Medical Education and Neuro-oncology Fellowship, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center New York, NY (coordinated teaching and evaluation for medical students [50 per year], interns [18 per year], residents [15 per year] and fellows [8 per year] in the Department of Neurology)
    08/2004 – 2012: Chair, Education Committee, Department of Neurology, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI (responsible for the coordination and implementation of curriculum, teaching and evaluation of medical students, interns, residents, fellows and faculty in the Department of Neurology)
    11/2011 – 08/2013: Chair, MCWAH Appeal Committee, Medical College of Wisconsin (members serve as panelists on appeal of decisions not to renew or terminate housestaff)

Keywords & Interest Areas

  • Dr. Malkin’s research interests include clinical trials for brain tumor patients
  • advanced brain tumor imaging
  • the epidemiology of primary brain tumors
  • Core Clinical Faculty Member

Practice Sites

  • Neuro-oncology Clinic:
    VCU Massey Cancer Center
    VCU Medical Center, North Hospital Dalton Oncology Clinic
    1300 E. Marshall St. (Corner of Marshall Street & College Avenue)
    Richmond, VA 23298
    Phone: (804) 828-9992

Awards & Honors

  • Fellowship: 1985 – 1986, Canadian-American Bumper-Borden Foundation Fellow, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • Junior Faculty: 1990 – 1993, Clinical Oncology Career Development Award, American Cancer Society
  • Teaching: 2005, Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award, Department of Neurology, Medical College of Wisconsin 2009-2010, Outstanding Medical Student Teacher in Neurology, Medical College of Wisconsin 2015, High Evaluation Teaching Award, M3 Neurology Clerkship, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • 2005, Elected to Fellowship, American Academy of Neurology
  • 2005-present, Selected to “Best Doctors in America” Database
  • 2013, Appointed The William G. Reynolds Jr. Chair in Neuro-oncology, Virginia Commonwealth University

Professional Affiliations

  • 2016-present Member, Legislative Committee, Richmond Academy of Medicine 2014-present Member, Richmond Academy of Medicine
  • 2014-present Member, Virginia Neurological Society 2004-2013 Member, Wisconsin Neurological Society President-Elect, 2012-2013 Secretary/Treasurer, 2007-2001
  • 2004-2013 Member, Central Society for Neurological Research President, 2011-2013 Secretary/Treasurer, 2006-2011
  • 1994-present Founding Member, The Society for Neuro-oncology 2005-2013 Vice-Chair, Neuro-oncology Examination Committee, United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties
  • 1988-present Active Member, The American Society of Clinical Oncology
  • 1982-present Member, The American Academy of Neurology Chair, Section of Neuro-oncology, 2006-2008 Chair-Elect, Section of Neuro-oncology, 2004-2006 Member, Long-Range Planning Work Group, Section of Neuro-oncology, 2003-2004 Fellowship Director, Section of Neuro-oncology, 2002-2006 Chair, Nominating Committee, Section of Neuro-oncology, 1997-1998

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