Program Overview

The Department of Pharmaceutics at the VCU School of Pharmacy offers graduate programs leading to the degrees of Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Pharmaceutics Graduate Program Leaflet

Upon admission, all graduate students should follow the graduate handbooks listed below to fulfill their requirements toward completion of the degree program:


Graduate Courses
All graduate students in the VCU Department of Pharmaceutics must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours for the graduate-level course work exclusive of research credits (PCEU 697). Required courses and some elective courses are listed in the VCU Department of Pharmaceutics Graduate Handbook. These courses should be arranged in consultation with their advisor.

Graduate Research M.S. and Ph.D. graduate students in the VCU Department of Pharmaceutics must engage and complete thesis/dissertation research with research credits (PCEU 697), mentored by their advisors. The Graduate Advisory Committee oversees progress of their thesis/dissertation research and administers comprehensive qualifying exams (only for Ph.D. students) and final defense exam. The VCU Department of Pharmaceutics has the following research specializations:

VCU School of Pharmacy-funded Ph.D. students in the VCU Department of Pharmaceutics must work as teaching assistants (TAs) in the Pharm.D. or graduate program in the Fall and Spring semesters during the first two years. TA duties are assigned by the VCU School of Pharmacy TA Committee in each semester and should not exceed an average of 12 hours weekly. Other (e.g., government or self-funded) graduate students including M.S. students must work as a TA in one semester during their graduate studies. An assignment is made in consultation with the advisor and graduate program director.

Graduate Program Periods

While the length of graduate program entirely depends on student progress and completion in graduate courses and research, typical durations for graduate program completion in the VCU Department of Pharmaceutics are 2-3 years for M.S. program students and 4-6 years for Ph.D. program students

Administrative Rules and Procedures

The VCU School of Pharmacy Graduate Program follows the VCU Graduate School Rules and Procedures as well as the School of Pharmacy Handbook. Students in the VCU Department of Pharmaceutics are also required to follow the Department of Pharmaceutics Handbook described above.