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College of Humanities & Sciences

Department of Physics

Jason Reed

JasonReed [View Image]

Experimental biophysics, Experimental nanoscience
701 W. Grace St., 2409


Postdoctoral Scholar [Physical Chemistry] UCLA, Dept. Chemistry and Biochemistry

Ph.D. [Chemistry] New York University

A.B. [Hons., Physics] Harvard College

Jason Reed is an Assistant Professor in the Virginia Commonwealth University Department of Physics, and is an expert in nanotechnology, and related approaches, applied to biology and medicine.  Dr. Reed was a member of the pioneer class of the Cold Spring Harbor Labs course on Singe Cell Analysis in 2012.


1. Bio-mechanical systems, microfabrication and surface metrology for biological material characterization:

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T. Zangle, J. Chun, J. Zhang, J. Reed* and M. A. Teitell, “Quantification of Biomass and Cell Motion in Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Colonies, Biophys J., Vol. 103, pp. 593-601 2013.  *corresponding author

A. Kumar, J. Reed and G. Sant, “Vertical Scanning Interferometry (VSI): A New Method to Measure the Dissolution Dynamics of Cementitious Minerals,” J. American Ceramic Society, Vol. 96, pp.2766-2788, 2013.

J. Chun, T. Zangle, M. Teitell and J. Reed*, “Real Time Drug Sensitivity Testing of Single and Clustered Breast Cancer Cells by Mass Profiling,” Royal Chem. Soc. Analyst, Vol. 137, pp. 5495-5498, 2012.  *corresponding author

J. Reed*, C. Hsueh, M. Lam, R.  Kjolby, A. Sundstrom, B. Mishra, and J.K. Gimzewski, “Identifying Individual DNA Species in a Complex Mixture by Precisely Measuring the Spacing Between Nicking Restriction Enzymes with AFM,” J. Royal Soc. Interface, 2012 9 74 2341-2350, 2012.  *corresponding author

J. Jing and J. Reed co-first authors, J. Huang, X. Hu, V.Clarke, J. Edington, D. Housman, T. Anantharaman, E. Huff, B. Mishra, B. Porter, A. Shenker, E. Wolfson, C. Hiort, R. Kantor, C. Aston C, D. Schwartz, “Automated High Resolution Optical Mapping Using Arrayed, Fluid Fixated, DNA Molecules,” PNAS, Vol. 95, pp. 8046-8051, 1998.


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