September 07, 2018 

Over the summer we have initiated development of a new procurement system, called RealSource. It promises to modernize and simplify business operations and generate considerable savings across the university.

Launching during the first quarter of 2019, RealSource will replace the state’s eVA system, moving the university from a traditional purchasing to a strategic-sourcing environment. It will support supplier management, sourcing, contracting, requisitioning, purchasing, invoicing, e-catalog ordering, reporting and spend analytics. The system, which runs on a Jaggaer platform, is used successfully by our Tier III peers and other higher education institutions across the U.S.

Our project core team, led by Brenda Mowen, is optimizing the platform to meet VCU’s needs. Look for updates on information sessions, surveys, demos, and trainings published through the Fiscal Administrators Newsletter, TelegRAM and the RealSource website at

Transitioning into Tier III status has allowed VCU to successfully modernize with the Great Place: HR Redesign and University Budget Redesign as well as in the areas of capital projects, leasing and information technology. RealSource promises to be another way to keep pace with the university’s growth and align with its strategic goals.

Please contact the project team at if you have any questions or comments about RealSource.

Thank you for your efforts.

Warmest Regards,

Karol Kain Gray, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

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