January 31, 2018

Over the past several months, Procurement Services has been engaged in an organizational assessment with assistance from an outside consultant. Considering Finance and Budget's key role as one of the largest support divisions across VCU, the goals of this assessment were to review their structure and key functions to provide optimal support to the institution moving forward.

Since coming to VCU in May 2016, I have been working to obtain permission from the State to be released from using the eVA system in favor of a more efficient and effective procurement system. I am pleased to report that VCU has been granted the authority to acquire a new system and beginning February 1, 2018, I have asked Brenda Mowen to take the lead on the procurement and installation of this new system, Jaggaer, formerly known as SciQuest. We have put together a project team from across Finance and Budget that Brenda will manage to ensure a smooth transition from eVA. Jaggaer is the system currently used by two other Tier III universities, University of Virginia and Virginia Tech. It is anticipated that the new procurement system will generate savings from strategic sourcing of our goods and services.

Mr. Mark Roberts will become interim Director of Procurement Services to allow Brenda to devote her efforts full time to this new implementation. Mark will relocate to the Procurement Office at 912 West Grace Street. Ms. Presepine Fleming, will become interim Director of Grants and Contracts Accounting.

Regular updates related to the new procurement system will be provided. I ask for your patience and support during this time of change and, if you have questions, please direct them to Donna Thornburg (dwthornb@vcu.edu) for a timely response.

This reorganization is intended to allow employees in Finance and Budget to continue to strive for excellence, and focus on recommitting and dedicating ourselves to excellence and the VCU mission as we move forward together.

Warmest Regards,
Karol Kain Gray

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