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Strategic Enrollment Management and Student Success

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Black Equity and Inclusion committees

SEMSS is charged with establishing a campus environment that eliminates barriers to graduation, encourages engagement with faculty and our community, and creates opportunities to develop tangible and intangible career skills.

The accomplishment of these goals is impeded by racial barriers that affect access, equity and inclusion. The death of George Floyd in May 2020 inspired our staff to work collectively on examining our own biases, barriers to staff development and advancement, policies that adversely affect our Black and BIPOC students, and access to student experience opportunities that ensure positive educational and career outcomes for all students equitably.

In response, we've established the Black Equity and Inclusion committees to provide accountability to ourselves as a team and to show our progress to our students for whom we are working hard to uphold our commitment to establishing a campus environment that eliminates barriers to graduation.

Planning framework

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Desired outcomes

  • Broad-based goals that will allow SEMSS to improve equity, inclusion and support of our Black students and staff
  • Action plans to realize broad-based goals (defined by immediate, short term and long term)
  • Budget-mindful recommendations, broken down into “requires funding” and “no additional funding”

Committee membership


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