Computer services, conferencing, information security, and web technologies.

Virginia Institute for Psychiatric and Behavioral Genetics Technology Services provides a high level of support that is aligned with our mission — teaching and learning to research and administration — with a robust help desk that is simple to use and maximizes IT support solutions. We welcome feedback on how we can enhance and streamline academic technology at VIPBG.

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Computer Solutions

Hardware/software support, asset inventory, mobile devices, networking, purchasing, remote access, communications.

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Cluster Support

Connectivity, job submissions, remote access, account management, scripts, home directory, 24/7 access with duel support.

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Information Security

Active Directory, backup management, GPO, asset potection, SCCM, JAMF, Anti-virus, data encryption, access management, software licensing.

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Data Storage Solutions

Backup and restoration, full/incremental, data integrity, HIPAA compliance, access management, sensitive data storage.

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What people are saying

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Roxann Roberson-Nay

Barbara Herrmann

Alexis Edwards

Associate Professor

Executive Assistant

Assistant Professor

The VIPBGTS department does an amazing job handling the multiple IT demands of my lab. Their service is an invaluable resource to my lab and to the broader VIPBG community.

VIPBGTS is quick to troubleshoot my issues, are knowledgeable in their solutions, and explain the resolution in a simple, direct and courteous way. I’m very impressed.

VIPBGTS serves a variety of needs in my research. The staff are always willing and able to respond to my software or hardware-related questions. I'm grateful for their commitment!

Application Support

Microsoft Windows, Apple OS, and Linux/Unix

Security Solutions

Anti-Virus, Encryption, Asset Protection

IT Procurement

Budgeting, Vendor Relations, Procurement

Policy & Compliance

Theft Protection, Security, Records Management

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