8.1 Top-Level Domains

Websites must use a vcu.edu top-level domain.


If a website requires a non-vcu.edu top-level domain name due to a specific business need, an exception must be granted by VCU University Relations.

8.2 Subdomains

Websites must not include the term "VCU" in their subdomain. 

Examples of Non-Compliance

  • vcuarts.vcu.edu
  • vcuhas.vcu.edu
  • vcuts.vcu.edu

The use of the word "ram" or "rams" in a domain must be approved by the Director of Web Services. This usage will only be approved in limited situations where the content of website is student related and not being used to describe an office or department's organization or operations.


  • ramsadministration.vcu.edu (Bad)
  • ramshr.vcu.edu (Bad)
  • ramcams.vcu.edu (Good)
  • ramhacks.vcu.edu (Good)

8.3 Personal Names

Websites must not include a person's name in a domain or subdomain.

Exceptions & Personal Websites

If a unit is permanently named after a person, a website for said unit is exempt from this rule.

A website for a person, but not a unit named after that person, should be made through VCU People Accounts.

8.4 Hosting

Websites must use a top-level domain hosted on a VCU approved web server.