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College of Humanities & Sciences

School of World Studies

SWS Override Policy

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  • Do not email the professor of a specific course to ask for an override! Professors cannot provide overrides.
  • University policy forbids students from attending any classes for which they are not officially registered. If the course is not listed on your transcript or semester course schedule in e-Services, you are not officially registered and can’t be added to Blackboard.
  • All 100-level and 200-level classes are open on a first-come, first-registered basis with no overrides available!
  • All 300-level and 400-level classes have enrollment limits set at  the highest appropriate level based on curricular and spatial constraints; no overrides are provided!
  • If unable to register for a course because it is full, you should continuously check the VCU Schedule of Classes to see if any seats become available.
  • If you are graduating at the end of the current semester and having difficulty finding an open seat in a course required to graduate, please contact SWS Advising immediately.
  • If you meet the prerequisites for a course, but are unable to register for it in e-Services, please email  with the following information: your name; V-number; course number and selection; and the CRN.
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